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Businesses without a Web Presence are Struggling

If there’s anything that January 20, 2020 proved to business owners, it’s that it definitely pays to have an online web presence.

If you need a memory jog, that was the day that the first case of COVID-19, otherwise known as the coronavirus, was diagnosed in the US.

Since then, the effects of the virus, not only mentally, physically, socially, but also financially have become more and more apparent.

As a result of the restrictions being placed on people, businesses such as restaurants and other brick-and-mortar business have seen their sales decrease.

Those business owners who don’t have an online presence, especially a website, may find it difficult to stay in business.

The businesses that have a website, have the ability to offset the lack of offline business with online sales from their website.

Creating a Website Is Easier than You Think

Website Building Sites

Content management tools such as WordPress or DIY website building sites such as and make it very easy to, at the very least, create a four page website containing a home, about, contact and services page.

Many people think that you need a $5,000 website. All you really need is a simple professional looking site that introduces your business in an honest fashion to a visitor and allows you to interact with the potential customer, build trust and make online sales.

That can be done with as little as $200 for DIYers. Obviously hiring a professional will cost more. But many web designers will build you a simple site for as little as $500-$800.

Having a Website Can Help Your Business Adjust to the Financial Impact of COVID-19

Coronavirus Money with Stethoscope

Even businesses, like restaurants, have seen how critical having a business website is. Many restaurants have closed down their operations to the public for the most part.

Businesses that have a chance of remaining afloat during this time are the ones that offer delivery and take out. This is a fact which can be advertised on a business website, on Yelp and on a Facebook page.

For restaurants with websites: customers can visit their website, view the menu, place an order and pay for their items. This is just one way smart businesses can leverage their online presence.

Using Creative Ideas to Keep Revenue Flowing

Solutions and Ideas for Businesses

The other thing that having a website has allowed these brick-and-mortar businesses to do is sell gift cards. This is an idea that has been floating around social media for the last couple of weeks.

Doing this allows the business in question to use the money from the gift cards now when it needs it most. The customers who bought the gift cards or certificates can come back when the coronavirus has subsided and redeem them.

In all reality, items, like gift cards and even branded products, like T-Shirts, hats and other 3D products, can be sold via the business’s website.

These become a source of revenue during this financial downturn. However, none of these solutions will work if your business doesn’t have a website.

Take-away: Being Able to Do Business Online is a Must

It’s difficult to say just how far reaching the effects of COVID-19 are going to be. However, what is already abundantly clear is that having technology options such as a business website and the ability to communicate with customers online isn’t just a nice idea. It’s mandatory.

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