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Why is the Title Tag so Important?

The title tag is By far the most important meta tag you can place in your web page, well at least I think so. All major search engines will use the text of your title tag as the text they use for the title of your page in your listings.

The page title appears in the top left of the title (blue) bar which is at the very top of the browser when your web page is displayed by a search engine.

Page Title on Web Page

What’s a Meta Tag?

If you do not know what meta tags are, you may want to stop here and read this definition of meta tag elements from Wikipedia before continuing. But since you’re here, here’s a quick answer –> meta tags are codes (information) inserted into the “header” (top) area of your web pages.

Meta information in this area is used to communicate information to the search engines. The title tag is the only meta information that is visible in the “header” area of your web pages, the other tags are not seen by searchers viewing your web pages in their browsers.

Meta Data Title Tag

Why Should I Included Keywords in my Titles?

The actual text you use in the page title is one of the most important factors in how a search engine may decide to rank your web page.

From a search engine optimization (SEO) perspective, the page title should always include keyword phrases that are relevant to the contents of your web page.

The title of each web page i.e. the keywords you use on that page and the phrases you use in the content is what helps draw traffic to your site.

keep in mind, it’s not the only factor but in conjunction with others is the difference between being on page #1 of the search engine results or being on page #101.

The unique combination of these words and phrases and content will draw customers using different search engine terms and techniques, so be sure you capture all the keywords and phrases you need for each product, service or information page.

Why Can’t I Just Use My Business Name on the Title Page?

The most common mistake made by small business owners (and other newbies) when they first design their website is to place their business name or firm name oi the title of every web page.

For the record, most of your visitors or potential customers don’t care to know the name of your firm until after they have looked at your site and the services you provide; then they may decided it is worth book marking your website and contacting you about using your services.

So, while it is generally OK for you to place your business name in the title of the home page, it is probably a waste of valuable keywords and space to put it in the title line of every page on your site. Unless of course your goal is to build your brand.  Also if you do decide to place your company name on each page, I recommend that you place it at the end.

However, why not consider putting relevant keywords that match the topic of the page,  in your titles so that your web pages will have a greater chance of displaying closer to the top of the search engine listings.

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