Help with my Website

Help with my Website

Here is a great article from Stewart Lyman on how not to present your business website.

Do I Have a Bad Website Design?

There are all sorts of things that can be deal breakers for obtaining funding from potential investors, such as:

  • Not clearly identifying your technology
  • Poor business plans
  • Issues with your management team

However, a bad website design should not be one of the things that stand in the way of investor funding.  Here is an excerpt from the article:

“One easy way to sink your start-up: anchor it to a woeful website. I’m talking about one that is so unprofessional and singularly uninformative that it will prevent you from raising enough money for a successful morning run to Starbucks (and that’s without the pastries). Count yourself fortunate if you’ve never come across one of these horrors.”

So often, business people think that all that is needed is a cute site or any old site at all.  I believe that in order for a website to be successful, it needs at least these 3 things:

  1. A Functional Web Design
  2. Be Search Engine Optimized to rank well in the search engines
  3. Provide useful “Value Added” information to potential customers

Without these 3 things it will be very difficult for your site to be successful… just my thoughts…

Note: You can read Stewart Lyman’s full article by clicking this link: “Woeful websites


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