How to Setup Google My Business

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  1. What is Google My Business?
  2. Who Benefits from Google My Business?
  3. How to Setup Google My Business
  4. Why has Google My Business become Part of the Google Platform?
  5. Google My Business is an Integrated Platform
  6. Benefits to Small Business Owners?

What is Google My Business?

What is Google My Business, anyway? Well, if you want to know the who, what and why of this Google feature, you don’t have to look any further than this brief explanation of what the process entails.

In addition, it provides for updated listings of brand names that can be sourced and searched for through simple Google listings. It becomes an interface between you and local Google search activity.

Who Benefits from Google My Business?

The who of the process is the local business owner. He or she can simply input and verify that there is an actual business in a physical location. As a customer, you are online through Google, free of charge, for others to find, and Google’s search capacity makes it possible for anyone to locate your business and discover what you have to offer to the public. If more than one business is involved, a My Business page should be created for each location.

The Benefits to You: It’s a simple user-friendly, digital dashboard and interface tool designed to make doing business easier for locally based businesses. Whether you’re doing business online or offline, “Google My Business” is there to help.

The Benefit to Customers: A way to find your business either physically or online. It’s also, a way for them to learn more about your business and the services you offer. Plus, GMB is a great way to connect with you online using things like, community networks or video hangouts and much more.

How to Google My Business – Simplified Procedure

Access to the interface set up is though the business page. Any local business owner can preview what the procedure entails through a look at the site’s information and requirements.

The procedure is fairly easy to navigate with a few steps and input from you. Google wants to make sure that its new business customers as well as established businesses, and even businesses in another locale, can get their names and business purposes or brands known through the Google community without a lot of difficulty.

The steps that are utilized entail:

1. Showing others you’re ready to do business, by providing the required information.

– (obviously a business name should be in existence)
– business hours
– phone number
– address/directions – through google mapping
– email address inclusion
– website URL inclusion

2. Verifying your information on your page

– phone number
– correct address
– website listing
– visualize how you want your information to appear, correctly, on your page

3. Editing Options through your page

– add a new location
– change hours or seasonal closings
– editing can be done directly

4. Including unique attractions to your page

– add pictures
– set up the page for reviews/responses
– create a virtual tour
– highlight your business intent
– provide short, standout accomplishments

Verifying your business makes all the difference and Google will make sure that you are notified through a phone call or letter as to your business standing. You simply tell them:

– which business is yours
– find your business on the corresponding map (can be added for free)
– check your details
– recheck that information is correct and appropriately matches your business

With this simplified process, the how to Google my business steps are clear and easy to put into effect without a lot of hassle and input time. The whole procedure is a great way to feature and pinpoint your business or brand, no matter the location, and your information will show up on the web, on Google, making it easier to find your business across all devices, whether they are using a desktop, tablet or smart-phone at no expense to you.

Why has Google My Business become Part of the Google Platform?

Well, a number of local business owners and local SEO’s (Search Engine Optimizers) were confused by the old Google+Local management of local listings information and content across the whole Google structure, and they wanted changes made to “un-complicate” the process.

In order to deal with these inconsistencies with local businesses, Google decided to create an integrated process that would make it as simple and easy as possible to update business information throughout not only Google Search but through Maps and Google+ as well. The result was Google My Business.

It simply became a platform for an improvement in customer relationship management for small businesses (CRM), which has become a means of fostering positive relationships with customers, providing for retention of customers and increasing sales.

The My Business platform also provides for and improves the local ranking and placement for small businesses, as local results will appear through the process and bring up business and brands that are in a search. Local results will appear in a search for say, bicycle shops. All local bicycle shops will initially appear through searches.

Google My Business is an Integrated Platform

A My Business platform differs from Google Places and Google+ Local in that My Business provides local information for local searches, and it basically replaces Google Places. Your My Business page connects a business owner to their Google+ page along with other Google features such as Google Analytics, Adwords Express and other additional options.

Benefits to Small Business Owners?

Bottom line, Google My Business connects you directly to customers that are looking to buy from you. It doesn’t matter whether they’re looking for you via Search, Maps or Google+, whatever the device they might be using.

Small business owners can benefit from the My Business interface and if you want the advantages of the dashboard, take a look at the business set up for the Google interface through There’s no end to the possibilities through local search control of your business.

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