Step 3 – How to Install WordPress

Using the cPanel to Perform a WordPress Installation

By now you should have received your confirmation email, it will look similar to the one on the screen. This email will contain:

  • Your website address (aka URL)
  • Website email server
  • Your website Login info, which consists of your Username and Password

You can ignore the other information for now.

Log into the cPanel

To log into the Control Panlel (a.k.a. “cPanel”) you need to navigate to the bluehost log-in screen and enter you the following information:

  • Domain Name (
  • Password

Now click the “Log-in” button

This will take you into the cPanel, where we will begin to install WordPress website. This is the work area that we will begin to install our WordPress website.

Install WordPress

To install WordPress, scroll down to the “Website Builders” section and do the following:

  • Click the “WordPress” icon
  • Click the start button, to begin a brand new WordPress install
  • Select which domain you would like to install to, in our example the domain is already selected, but if it was not, this is where you would do so.
  • Click the “Check Domain” button
  • You can click to show the advance options
  • Accept the terms and conditions of WP license
  • Click the “Install Now” button

Congrats, you have just installed WordPress! You will get a confirmation email. This will have the login info that you need to access the WordPress Admin Control dashboard.


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