One in three people searching on the Internet are looking for a local company to do business with.

More than 80% (8 out of 10) of those searchers will visit a store, make a reservation or buy from an actual store usually within 3-5 days of making a search.

We will submit your business to the respective local listings for your geographic area, for the following major search engines.

  1. Google Local (A.K.A. Google Places and Google Maps)
  2. Yahoo Local
  3. Bing Local

Local listings usually displayed when searching for terms which include your local city name (such as Matteson, lawyers or Orland Park, dentist or Tinley Park, plumbing).

We will also submit your business to the following “local data provider” companies that are believed to help improve your rankings for local listings within the search engines (i.e. Google’s, Yahoo, Bing or Ask). We will submit your business to:

  1. Yelp
  2. City Search
  3. Merchant Circle

Note: You must be able to verify that you have a physical office or store at the address you provide in the listing. If you are already listed on any of the above sites, we will ensure that your business is optimized and consistent across each local listing.

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