You’ve invested in getting your business off the ground, now invest in keeping it there!

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You’ve invested your time, energy and financial resources into starting your business. Your doors are now open – you have your first customer, client, patient. You’ve written your first proposal, created your first website, taken your first photo, sold your first piece of jewelry. Things are going well, and you want to keep it that way!

Your marketing materials, that proposal you’ve written, or that newsletter you created is the first impression that your client or customer may have of you and your business. Don’t ruin it with a misspelled word, incomplete sentence, or unclear thought.

Invest in the services of an editorial consultant who will proof and edit your work product. For more information, including hourly rate, please contact Helena. Download our brochure


Six (6) Step Proofing and Editing Process:

  1. Read entire text
  2. Run spell/grammar check, edit and proofread for obvious mistakes and awkward wording
  3. Second review focuses on wording and readability
  4. Third review focuses on grammar, spelling, punctuation
  5. Final review and polishing
  6. Submit document to client for review and approval



  • AMD Business Solutions
  • C.R.A.F.T. Inc.
  • McNeil and Associates, LLC
  • PYR Services
  • Trinity Christian College


Ask about other services:

  • Newsletter creation
  • Project management
  • Research


Note: This is my standard process. However, no matter how many times a piece of writing is reviewed, there is always the possibility that something can be done to make it “better”. Every effort will be made to ensure that your document is a good, sound, quality product that will represent you and your company well.