Google Places is Now Google+ Local Pages

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Is Google Places merging with Google+ to become Google+ Local Pages, a match made in Heaven? Only time will tell…

The Internet search giant Google is the most popular way for people to find websites and information. While it may have started life as a simple search engine, many people now use Google to find information about real world locations as well. Many people turn to the internet when trying to find certain things such as restaurants.

This type of search traffic was once handled by Google Places but, in an effort to further integrate its new social media service, Google has merged its Places service with its Google+ network. The transition should, hopefully, be rather easy and will actually be quite beneficial to a number of real world businesses.

While almost all websites rely on Google for a majority of their traffic, many brick and mortar businesses are finding it useful as well. Most people will search for some information about a location before actually going there. This is especially true for businesses such as restaurants, bars, nightclubs and even spas and beauty salons.

The main reason people use the internet to find information about these locations is that they want to be able to read reviews of the service and products before spending their hard earned money. Until now, Google Places was the service of choice for many people but that was in the past.

Google has recently started its own social media platform entitled Google+. While many people have seen this as an effort to compete with sites like Facebook, it is actually a natural addition to the services which Google already offers.

The main purpose of a search engine is to deliver relevant information according to certain search terms. Allowing users to network and connect to each other is simply an evolution of this fundamental goal. Integrating reviews of brick and mortar businesses with social media is a brilliant way to increase their ability to bring the absolute most relevant information possible.

In addition to merging reviews and social media, Google has recently purchased the popular restaurant review company Zagat’s. This acquisition has allowed them to add what is arguably the most popular resource for restaurant and bar reviews into their already powerful review services.

By integrating both social media, user reviews and a huge pre-established review company, Google is set to be the final word in all things review related at least as far as many brick and mortar establishments are concerned. This can actually be quite a good thing for local business owners as they will be able to have increased access to the millions of people who use Google to find information about real world businesses every day.

Google had originally started as a simple internet search engine but it has quickly grown in scope and concept to incorporate a wealth of information gathering techniques. Everything Google does is aimed at perfecting and expanding the services it offers. Google Places was part of this but it has become outdated.

Merging this review service with its social media network ensures that even more relevant information can be delivered to its users. The addition of the powerful Zagat’s network means that Google is now a major force to be reckoned with when it comes to finding information about local businesses.

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