RIP Google AdWords Keyword Tool, Long Live Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Tool is Gone

Today is Tuesday August 27, 2013 and I just tried visiting Google’s AdWords keyword Tool and I was greeted by a screen that said the tool had been replaced (see below). It has been replaced byKeyword Planner Tool or KPT as I like to call it.

Google Keyword Planner Image

Now, mind you this is not new to me I knew that the tool was on it’s way out and that Keyword Planner would be the new tool.  I had also spent quite a bit of time using the new tool and although it appears to be a good replacement one day, today is not that day.

One of the biggest differences is that it is supposed to combine keyword functionality and traffic estimator.  They have also added a few new features as well.  Larry Kim has a great write-up on how to use the new Keyword Planner tool posted in SearchEngineLand.  Some time soon I hope to create a YouTube video detailing how to use KPT.  So check back in a few days.

What are your thoughts on the new Google Keyword Planner?  Have you used it yet?  What do you like/dislike about it.